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    my ex husband hasnt paid a penny since our divorce in 2000 and owes well you can imagine how much for 2 children . I Was contacted by the new syatem telling me he will be paying for my children ,(he pays for the other 2 girls we know of )  still no payment, now we find out he cant afford it yet I know his wage but he claims to go self employed and his partner ( this year ) is an finance officer and she sorts his accounts . Were do I go from here ,his children are  now 23 this year and 25 . What would or should I do from here ? I am a fulltime employed nurse who has worked as a single mum providing these my only children with everything he hasnt even provided a birthday card a xmas card to these two until this last year and now a grandad he wants to be involved it drives me crazy but I have the pleasure as any parent would knowing in all the hardtimes of bringing them up from the eldest being 4 yrs old I have brought up two amzing adults hard working ,loveable ,forgivable,grateful, beautiful adults and I did that ME 🙋‍♀️with hard work cuddles and tears the three muskateers but its time he paid up or do i say forget you live with it .

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