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    Hi there, after having read the posts it makes me feel sad that this has happened but knowing that we’re not alone does help.

    I split up with my husband about two months ago. We went to France(he is french)to make anew life for ourselves as he got a job offer over there. Deep down I don’t think I’m really wanted to go but went for his happiness as he wasn’ happy here for ages. So about a month later after living with his foster parents, not being able to find our own property, and does between me and his foster mum he declared to me that I should return to England and that our relationship hasn’t been ‘right for along time. This was all new to me. Apparently there is no one else just said that we haven’t ‘moved forward whatever that means. Unfortunately, my relationship seems to have broken down and I have been blamed for everything. The contents of our property are still in France as my and I returned to the UK with a suitcase!

    I have been left to deal with all the financial stuff plus my dad has had major surgery and I’m looking after him, my daughter and im working. Its coming up to Xmas and in a way I’m dressing it cos we are not together and it feels alien and lonely.

    He calls my daughter every night and it winds me up, even though I’m glad he’s keeping contact with her he had just left me with real explanation and I want to hate him but still care in a strange sort if way.

    When will the hurt get better?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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