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    I give myself an hour to clear up , have.a shower before I crawl into bed

    Sometimes I use a timer which is hilarious at times. My little one gets to bed around me 8.30 am after I have read to her. I’m exhausted but try to be positive as I can’t feel sorry for myself .

    Tomorrow I’m going to down to the shops so that I can start a little  salad bed in the garden . I thought a raised bed with tunnel sounds quirky and pest free. My lo likes all sorts of lettuce  and I think we will have some pest free fun . Beef tomato plants  are looking good and my strawberry plants are massive .

    Last year we grew potatoes and had a lot of produce we packed up g& away . Made 8  jars of strawberries for our  victoria sponges &   picked  about 90 walnuts which I turned into a Greek syrup desert  . Got more walnuts the previous year scrumping because of the weather .

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    Hi, I’m new to this and stumbled upon Gingerbread. It’s such a relief to read other stories which reflect mine. I thought I had a solid family unit until 4 weeks ago when my husband walked out. Turns out he has a new interest.

    Shell shocked, numb, I think he’s going tovwslk through the door any minute and say it’s all a joke.  I have a 7 and a 2 yr old, my main struggle is when they are with their dad and I have an empty and quiet house. It breaks my heart. I never thought our family would end up split apart.

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    Hi…I’m also struggling. My husband walked out on 8th May and I had no idea he was unhappy. I have a 7 year old and a 10 month old and I don’t want to be a single mum, I don’t want it for me or for them. Feeling very lost.

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    Hi shesnotok,

    First of all – welcome! 🙂

    I think you are to hard on yourself, 4 kids!! You are doing a great job! The house can wait trust me on this🤦‍♀️. Sleep as much as you need and you know what, being single has its own benefits:

    1) TV for yourself – including tv package (i.e. ice cream, popcorn, a cheeky drink)

    2) Bed – you can sleep in star shape if you please

    3) No socks to pick up from all over the house – at least my ex was like that

    4) when time is right you will find new hopes and who knows maybe you’ll find your prince charming!

    Jokes aside, it will get easier and at some point it will feel like second nature to do everything by yourself.

    For me it worked to talk to my boys and say guys, I can’t cope with everything so I need help! They have their chores and reward charts and all to make everyone’s life fall under a routine and -kind of- take control of the chaos. But with time and allowing yourself room to breathe and self care too.

    Remember, you are doing your best.



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    Hi all thanks so much for such a lovely welcome, life’s such a horrible struggle some times.. I hope your all well and I’m here if anyone needs to talk x

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