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    Hi all,

    I’m currently separating from my husband after him telling me that he no longer loves me. I have since found out that he has been seeing another woman . He has been staying at his brother’s but today he told me that he is going to look for somewhere to rent. It now seems so final and I just feel so sad about it. We’ve been together for 12 years, married for 8. How can he just walk out on me and our beautiful children? I feel so lonely, especially in the evenings. Just looking for some support from people who know how  I’m feeling. X

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    Hello Amelia, welcome to the forum.

    It is the worst thing to be betrayed by someone who you once trusted and loved, you loose so many different aspects of your life that was.

    It will get easier although it can and will be tough at times, you’ll get there, you’ll get through this.

    Forgive the slow response to your thread, it’s odd here than some posts seem to slip by while others get a good number of replies, I also know that it is nothing personal, I’ve had post in the past (I used the old site a lot around 3 years ago) get no responses yet another has lots.


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    Hi Amelia,

    You have my support and best wishes.

    This has happened to me only my wife hasn’t left.

    I wish she would as I can’t really take this much longer, but I am planning my life without her and making the arrangements to safe guard myself and my children’s future.

    Rediscover your friends and family, rediscover or try new hobbies.

    You need to learn to live for yourself.

    I know it is hard, I’m there with you but we will get through in time.



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    another one to the list here with v similar story to you but was 23years for me! It is hard, I have had to sell my beautiful home & downsize just waiting for the purchase to go through, but am slowly getting excited about it DD already planning a trip to Ikea!!  I try not to think about him & am lucky as my kids are much older so don’t have to contact him for that though he isn’t speaking to either child at the moment, he is a completely different person who I no longer recognise.

    hang in there ..

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    Hi Amelia

    I’m new here too. Mother to three divorcing after 10 years of marriage, Oxfordshire.

    I know only too well how lonely and isolating it can feel when separating. I’m basically attempting some of what Mark above is saying.. rediscover.. try new things and learn to live for you and your children. I’m discovering that I’m actually stronger and more capable than I thought, I hope you start feeling this too.


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    Hi All,

    I am new on here and surprised that there isn’t a group nearer to me, I live in South Oxfordshire, there is a group in Abingdon but I was wondering about setting one up closer to Wallingford / Caversham / Henley. Anyone interested?

    I am a single dad of 2 girls full time, they are 14/12.



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    Always here if you want to chat/ vent! I’m a single mum of 6 and it just amazes me how he can not care about the kids more!

    I’m in Oxford too!

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