Hi all. My first time I’ve ever done this or speak out.

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    I’m simon. I split with my ex 7 years ago.

    Start we shared weekend etc an she was quick to meet a new man who lived a bit away so she decided to move kids out of school and up by him. I did the 6 hour round trip every Friday and Sunday to take back home, she never met half way or anything I didn’t drive due 2 seizure. Well that relationship failed and she moved back to her old area in under a year and moved which again affected kids moving schools. She quickly got with another man. Now this new man lots of changes have been happening. She cancel my weekend with 6 hour notice then don’t let me have hers so I have to wait 3 weeks. She asked to change weekend and if it benefits kids I always say yes but if I ask its a straight no.  I thought I’m going to start saying no as this isn’t right and I would get a week of abuse even getting kids to ring me after brain washing them and shouting down the phone when I try to explain to my oldest who 12 years old an then she starts crying so I just say yes as breaks my heart she in middle. She started losing her hair.

    She never does school run, gets her 65 year old out of bed even tho it’s a 20 min walk.

    Anyway back to this new rushed relationship

    NoShe wants to move them 4 hours away which again moving kids out of education.

    I’ve had so much abuse of her, I’ve never not paid or changed / cancel a weekend.

    I’m really worried and stressed as I adore my kids. I’ve messaged many times to say can we just move on and forget bout past we r adults now but second it doesn’t go her way its just abuse after abuse and god knows what she tells kids.

    I always say 2 kids don’t listen to me or ya mom sometime adults get angry but just know I love u guys so much.

    She massively using kids as a weapon.

    I’m 30 years old,  I’ve lost both parent.

    Any help would be good.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hiya Simon

    Sorry to hear you’re going through it at the moment.

    From what you’ve said, it sounds like she’s putting her own ‘needs’ above your children’s. Do you have any form of court order in place with regards to visitation?

    If you have, then I’d talk to a solicitor about going back to court if she’s going against an order and try and renegotiate the terms. If you haven’t any court order, also speak to a solicitor about what you want to happen.

    From what you’ve said, there does sound to be parental alienation, and the fact she’s taking the children out of school to be near the latest beau would suggest she doesn’t have their best interests at heart. Document every interaction if you haven’t all ready. It doesn’t sound healthy for the children at all.

    Hope that helps a bit, even if it’s just to know someone’s listening.

    Good luck

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