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    I’m a single mother of four boys. Eldest two boys are a lot older then youngest two.

    Im single due to ex financially abusing me and generally being a horrible person to live with. Been single for over a year now, but yet I still feel like he has control as works (self employed) but gets away without paying anything for his boys. Nobody can ever find him due to him changing jobs often and moving (he rents rooms)

    Struggling on universal credits alone. Would love to go back to work but have nobody to watch boys. Childcare is far too expensive. Although struggling financially I’m very happy with my situation, love being with my boys.

    Would love to meet up with other singletons in the Essex area. Doesn’t seem to be any groups in Essex ??


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    Hiya, welcome to the forum ☺

    Someone was in a similar position as you regarding CM, I think it was on a thread yesterday, there was some helpful advice that you might find interesting, you’ll have to look back through the threads to find it though.

    Similarly some folk were chatting about a meet up in Essex, again look back through the threads, it’s not the easiest thing to navigate through to find things but soon gingerbread will have some major changes so hopefully that will be addressed.

    A couple of threads that are almost chat rooms are called Friday night social and the other is called the book club, both are active so if that’s your thing they are definitely worth looking up.

    All the best


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    If you go to page 19 of the threads you’ll find a thread called Essex single parents.


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    Hi thank you for your reply.

    Would love to chat on the Friday night social.

    How do I go about it? Can’t seem to find any links x

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    Friday night online social is on page 7 of the threads at the moment, you can post on any thread at anytime though so feel free to introduce yourself. The thread will probably be back on the front page of threads either tonight or tomorrow. As folk add threads then older threads get pushed back x

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