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    I’m new, and sort of at my wits end!!

    I have been seperated 2 years after being together with my ex for 13 years. we hsve 2 children. 7 and 11 both SEN.

    I ended the relationship as things got stale (hoped would give him a kick up the arse) but he just gave up.

    Last year i was seeing someone new and my ex knew this, for 6months he messed me about, calling me, texting saying he cant go on anymore. which i then went running to rescue him, leaving my new blokes house in the middle of the night. ive even taken a rope down from his attic. i kept telling him thats enough but hed turn up at my house 3am most nights DRUNK! he drive to mine, intoxicated and even busted up his car TWICE! hed shout at me, get verbally abusive, grab my arms, then hed switch… tell me he loves me but cant be with me, then starts getting angry again.  he then somehow switched off all emotions and wanted nothing to do with me, which hurt me more than everything else… hes now seeing someone and its got serious very quick, but lies to me, i find out go mad at him and then tells me its none of my business… but it was ok for him to be crazy and psychotic with me… drag me down with him then expects me to be happy hes happy?! couple weeks ago he started drinking with kids in the house. called me “needing” me again. i went running (more for my kids this time) and he was same again, jekyll and hyde. telling me I look pretty buttering me up, then i watch him playing with my son and he hits my son (ive gone trhough all social etc so im on the right track with that) he then went onto squeezing my eldests hand til he was screaming and crying. at this point i was afraid for all of us and in complete and utter shock and tried to devise a plan to get out!!! i told him i was taking the kids, he then twisted it making it my fault that the kids are scared of him… like WTF!!! we all managed to get home but we were all so paranoid he was going to turn up as i had a threatening voicemail from him. i found my son next morning with scissors in his bed in case his dad turned up!!!

    both me and my eldest are now having counselling due to everything he has put us through. but he makes me out to be the bad guy and everyone thinks the sun shines out his arse. hes even told me that if i want to play games then game on because he will not be made out to look bad!!!

    Every time i see him i get upset, angry, scared, anxious!!! i cant go on like this anymore!!! couple months ago i also was in hospital after trying to OD. Im so mentally exhausted…

    so… ive now blocked his number, he cant call or text me… and im really debating keeping kids home with me, because im not coping when i see him, which then affects how i am with my boys. but im just wondering if this is something im legally allowed to do for my own sanity… coz I know he will fight me on it… but with his past and social now involved he wont stand a chance!!! im fed up of being walked all over!!!

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    Hi Emzykins

    Thanks for posting here on the forum.  I’ll be sending through a private message with some further information for you.

    Kind regards, Justine

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