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    I posted back in Feb about my situation, where i discovered an escorts telephone number in my husbands phone, at the time he led me to believe it was a number from years before we met, I agreed to let it go, mainly because of the kids (4 and 1).

    Since then I have noticed escorts searches in his search history and reason to believe he is also taking cocaine.

    I am planning to leave this time, and to take both children with me, however out of town, about an hour away where my family are from. My 4 year old is due to  start school in September and has already been allocated a place, my biggest worry is him and his school. My parents dont live in the best of areas, and fall out of the catchment for the school i am hoping to apply for, and thats if there are any spaces left there. Im also worroed about the psychological damage this is going to have to him as he is so fond of his father and the four of us doing things together. Any advice on schools and action plan would be appreciated. Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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