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    Im writing this post on behalf of my friend.

    He and his former partner are both British nationals with family routes linked to Cyprus.

    Whilst over here in the UK they had a child together. After a year or so they decided to pack up and move over to Cyprus for a for a year to see how things went.

    After a short period, the relationship broke down and Cypriot lawyers were hired. She won’t allow him to see the child and he isn’t able to work over there due to the language barrier. He stuck around for a year in hope of resolving the relationship and taking up the few opportunities to see his daughter.

    He moved back home after the year and she is continuing the threat to stop him from seeing his child.

    My question is, as all three are British citizens, is she allowed to keep the child over there?

    Where does he stand from a legal point?

    Any help and advice appreciated.

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    Hi I am not 100% sure of how the law works over there but the British law states that a father has rights over his child if he and the mother were married at time of birth and if hisname is on the birth certificate. I am not sure if he can stop her staying over there with the child. His best bet is to get a solicitor here or contact citizens advice they can keep him right.

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