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    Hi, I am a new mum who unfortunately split from babies dad. I am currently living with my mum but wanting to move out now with my baby. I know universal credit will support me with my rent but I don’t have a house to rent yet. How do I prove to the landlord that I will be able to afford the rent?

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    not sure, possible depends on each landlord. maybe if your able to pay a large deposit, or amount that can cover few months rent? they might agree. I heard their not allowed to discriminate by rejecting people on benefits now. You can try speak to your local job centre about it, or when they next contact you about work searches and Universal credit.

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    If your mum can help, she can act as a guarantor. The the other thing I did was tell the landlord my parents were paying the rent. He seemed satisfied with that as long as they were the guarantor. I still paid the rent as normal, he never quibbled that it always came from my account.

    There is no guarantee anyone can pay, anything can happen, so it’s all reassurance to a landlord.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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