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    Afternoon. Please help! August 25th I got a 50/50 FINAL shared care order. MY ex wife had controlled my contact with my daughter so i sought the judicial service to support my claim. That was successful. What is not so successful is understanding why with 50/50 shared care I still have to pay my ex wife £244 per month. The CMS have stated because my sealed order does not state I have Joint custody, (and apparently there is a difference), I am still liable for payments. I pay for more than 50% of my daughter upkeep. I attend doctors and dental appointments and more after school clubs than my ex wife. I share all school duties. I’m told I can dispute the assessment within 30 days, but I haver no idea where to start. Can anyone help?

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    You can ask them to review it and if they still don’t take the correct info into consideration then you can appeal. The information you need you can find on gingerbread main page, look for the child maintenance section and go into that. You will find In there the information to help you understand what to do. I’ve had to look too as my ex partner who I have an injunction against because of Domestic Abuse has sent me a picture of his cms letter stating he only has to pay £365 per year. How they have come to this decision is mind boggling when he earns upward of £300 per week. Hope you get your issue sorted

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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