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    ….I currently work from home, doing around 20hrs a week (it’s piece work that I’m paid for and as they company are SO anal about the items, I work at a slower pace so it ends up more closer to 30hrs a week…only I get paid for around 20. Anyway, I struggle to get this done at the best of times as I’m a single Mum. I work when my child is at school and most evenings as soon as she’s in bed right up until I go to bed.Summer holidays are a nightmare trying to get it all done.

    But, get this – I’m now starting a diploma to do from home. They reckon it’ll take around 12mths to do…but as you can imagine, I am panicking BIG time. I’m not sure there are enough hours in a day?? I just am trying to better myself, so that I can get a better paid job and hopefully not have tax credits.

    Anyway, I’ve looked online but can’t find much – just wondering if anyone knows if I can still get help if I drop my hours work per week, in order to have time to do my studying? They reckon I’ll need around 10 hours a week for this :/ But if I drop below 16hrs of work a week, I won’t get working tax credits so we won’t be able to live 🙁


    Please help

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    Why is everything always so difficult 😔

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    Does anyone else know if I can do less hours over the school holidays without it changing? I think I read that you could somewhere, but I’m not overly sure how true this is?

    It would at least help me right now as I’m struggling.

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    According to the entitled to website you would only change to universal credit if you drop to bellow 16 hours a week. It is possible to have term time jobs for example where say you work 30 hours a week term time then none in the holidays but it’s averaged out. I think it’s easy to work out from the tax credits website examples.

    Im not sure what piece work is exactly but why are you having to do 10 hours extra to get the work done? Surely this is what needs looking at. As for the diploma, will it definitely lead to better employment? Have you checked it’s credentials? So many online companies offering worthless qualifications that it’s worth checking.

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    Hi, You can contact the Gingerbread single parent helpline on 0808 802 0925 to talk to an adviser about your options and the possible impact on your benefits.

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