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    Hi all and hope someone can help!

    I suffered a serious motorcycle accident on the 27th October last year.

    i spent six weeks in a coma while having internal organs and both legs fixed.

    I’m now discharged (just before Christmas) and living at my mothers bungalow as i am wheelchair-bound and awaiting further operations on my legs, which may be affected by covid…

    Hopefully i WILL walk again within the next month or two (i can stand for short periods and transfer to/from my wheelchair).

    i am a private tenant but unable to live in my own house due to it having stairs, but my 17 year old son still lives there (he has continued onto sixth form after leaving school).

    I worked 27 hours a week for B&Q prior to my crash.

    As of my next pay, i will only be receiving statutory sick pay (approx £95 per week) which will only just cover my rent, let alone any other bills.

    B&Q have offered to make me redundant based on my health issues. This will give me a payout of one weeks pay for every year I’ve worked there: So I’ll receive nine weeks wages which will cover my bills, etc, for a couple of months. and give me a little breathing space to hopefully get my operations done and either a new job or benefits sorted.

    My problem is that I’ve no way of knowing when my ops will happen (due to covid) so i think i need to sort benefits out, i just don’t know which ones or how to go about applying for them!

    I currently receive Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits and the single parent discount on my Council Tax and nothing else.

    Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated as i really just want to focus on healing, both physically and mentally.

    Thanks in advance, John.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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