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    could anybody advise me – me and my husband have decided to separate however we will need to sell the house/one buy the other out and so will have to continue to  live together for a few more months – We have 2 children together and it will be a will I be able to claim UC as a single person?

    my (ex) husband is the main wage earner and I’m currently on mat leave until December so have little money myself… looking online it suggests that if two people live together and are married it would be an application for both people but that would mean we wouldn’t be entitled as my ex earns too much – we are living in separate bedrooms and living separate lives and he has plenty and I’m struggling.

    hope that makes sense!

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    Hi Sabrew,

    – if you are separated you should be able to get financial support if this is declared & evidenced in the right way, it will depend on the terms of Mat leave/ employment too, but tax credits or negotiating a change of hours while you get sorted is worth exploring 🙂 the gingerbread helpline are probably best to go through all the details & can help make a plan forward or know people who can help more 🙂

    from experience, shelter can have great advice too; Mortgage, loan and maintenance payments after separation – Shelter England

    hope this helps xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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