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    Hi, My first post 🙂

    I’m a single mummy to a beautiful girl who’s nearly 1. I just wanted some advice please..

    My little ones father is refusing to pay any maintenance towards her anymore he said due to his illness…I’ve not been made aware that he is ill. I contacted the CMS as he normally pays direct debit every month but he hasn’t bothered to this month. They told me that he is now on benefits but they’ve yet to see evidence of proof…but they said if it is correct then it will reduce my payments to just £5 a week. Now I know all you parents know just how expensive children are and especially a single parent even more…because £5 a week is pointless giving it me tbh but am I entitled to get any help elsewhere if he’s refusing to give me maintenance himself? I have to pay my own mortgage/bills and buy everything my little one needs daily. i’m really worried that i’m going to get myself into debt with credit cards even though I don’t touch them atm but I feel that is the only way I could get by with not getting any financial support of her father. he sees her every weekend too it gets me so angry that a father doesn’t want to support his own child, even when he’s constantly spoiling his other child that he lives with.

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    Hi Singlemama

    Welcome to Gingerbread and thanks for sharing your situation on the forum. I hope you get to hear from others who can support you.

    For advice about child maintenance you can call our free helpline on 0808 802 0925, our advisers will be able to talk through your options.

    Take care and thanks again for reaching out.

    Best wishes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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