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    Hello all


    Mainly just joined the site for advice and to vent a little today I fount out I’m approximately ( I know very early but have took a LOT of tests)4 weeks pregnant and i honestly don’t know how to feel I’m currently 28 in a very well paid job 1600 a month and still live at home with my mom which I love living with she’s a single mom and it’s been just me and her for a long time so we’ve kept each other company and it’s worked great.


    I met my current boyfriend in December last year and after sleeping together a few times with protection I’ve somehow ended up pregnant. As much as I love my boyfriend he’s a nice guy but I honestly can’t see it lasting and I worry now because a baby is on the way. I have told him and he’s very over the moon and has more or less started planning on us moving out and living together which I’m not comfortable with as I feel like I hardly know him well enough to do that. But also not sure how it would work custody wise?


    I also feel guilty as I know at some point I’m going to have to tell my mom and explain it’s best if I move out and I feel like I’m disappointing her my mom had a preety bad relationship that was abusive and I helped her come away from that  in some way I also don’t know if I would cope alone with a baby. My sister has just had a baby and when she brought him round today All he did was cry and I honestly thought how would I cope? I know at some point I should probably move out but I just feel like a lot is happening all at once and it’s become too much.


    I also don’t know what I would financially be entitled too as a single mom I’ve never had to claim benefits so honestly don’t have a clue in regards to money my boyfriend has offered to pay 200 a month if we was to live apart I’m not even sure if this is right?

    im also very overweight think 20 stone 🙁 and honestly scared of the idea of going to the doctor or of gaining anymore weight I’m sure I won’t be the first overweight pregnant woman or the last but honestly terrified of the comments I’m gonna get as my pregnancy goes on


    Sorry for the rant I honestly haven’t stopped crying for the last few days and just needed somewhere to rant and just get it out there any advice would be fantastic if anyone’s been in my shoes

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