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    >HiHope someone can advise me on a situation that is becoming more and more difficult.

    >My ex husband and myself have 2 children, he has broken 2 maintenance agreements between us and I know for a fact he works privately alongside an employed job but now says he doesn’t do private work any longer>I believe maintenance is calculated on the previous tax year, is this correct?>He’s dodging the tax man I think. Now he has reduced the payments he also bills me for things he buys without discussing with me first.<

    So far he has purchased new school shoes for one child when I don’t believe she needed them and now wants to buy our daughter a new bike for a course at school and Informed me he will also bill me for this and deduce off my maintenance payment. >How do I know how much he will spend?>Can he legally do this

    >He refuses to be amicable with me so we cannot discuss this like adults, he is impossible to communicate with.He wants it all his way and I really am unsure what to do.Does anyone know where I stand with all this?I just need some help

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    Hi Lolaloola

    You should get advise from child maintenance service options team.

    They will advise you on your best course of action. I have recently contacted them and their advise was brilliant.

    Furthermore once you have had a chat with them they will give you a reference number so if you do want to make a claim for maintenance with the cms you don’t have to explain everything again. The good thing with using the service is that it is enforceable and they collect the maintenance for you. They do charge a small fee but it’s worth it.

    I never deducted any monies for what I bought  my kids from the maintenance I paid but I suppose that was my choice.

    By the way I now have full custody of my kids that’s why I know about the cms.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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