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    My Wife and I separated 8 months ago, we have a 8 year old son. We adopted him and he does have some issues, he is on the autistic spectrum and has attachment issues.

    Things have not been good but now i have met somebody else it just getting out of hand. she is manipulating him,  telling him stuff you shouldn’t be telling him. I have him every other weekend and at least once during the week but getting to the stage where i dread picking him up as worried about what rubbish she has filled his head with during the week.

    I just want to be the best Dad i can be to him and make sure I parent him right especially with his issues. My Son has met my new partner and it went well but since then my ex has done everything she can to turn my Son against her.

    Not really sure who or were to turn to to get help to resolve things, tried mediation but she refused to attend, any advice greatly appreciated.

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    If he is autistic then he will be believe everything you tell him even if it’s incorrect info.

    I would speak to the school liaison officer or yiur children centre as he must have EHCP in place. They take this very seriously

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    I cannot offer advice. I just want to praise you for your desire to be a great father and for your concern for your son. Good for you. I wish you well with getting through this.

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    Sorry I have to correct Sherinam as what she says is insulting.  ASD is a spectrum, you can’t generalize and your son is an individual.  Labels like that or generalizations do not help anyone.  The relevant part is that he is simply a child and manipulation by either parent is not on.  Should never put him in the middke it’s unfair of her.    I second what moonwhisper said you hang on on there, and be the best dad you can.

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