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    can anyone provide advice?

    my daughter is 14 & fled to my home approx 3 years ago after her rship with her mother broke down, I love my daughter & she is my priority but I feel enclosed, if I leave her to go out she wants to know my every move – if I’m gone for 7 mins when I say I’ll be 5 she comes looking for me.

    this has led me to become very conscious of trying to find a new relationship as I feel that she will destroy it due to her anxieties, I have sat her down & said that I need space & want to find love again and she says she is ok with it but I’m not sure she is – I formed a relationship with somebody she knows well & she caused frictions because of her need to have me close.

    i need help with how to break this cycle


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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