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    After a holiday romance my twins were born and I was struggling so the s.s became involved and said I had mental health problems. I haven’t back to their father and fell pregnant again with a little boy and in that time had treatment broke off my relationship with their Dad yet they took him at 3days old. I feel like I’m losing my mind crying, sleeping, overeating. Not really understanding what had happened and now I have been asked to go back to work.

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    Hi Jewel16uk

    Just to letting you know that I have sent you a private message with some signposting options.

    Best wishes, Justine

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    I completely understand your situation. In this country only 1 out of 400 adoption orders are refused. .. the courts are given vast amounts of miss information. .It is a crisis…The main victims are the children then the parents both biological and adoptive. when the child grows up and finds out the truth the adoptive parents pay the price of social services and cafcas failures. ..The biological parents pay the price from the beginning. .This must stop…it is a result of poor funding and management skills. ..I was a gingerbread child in Croydon im the 80. ..This organisation paved the way for our surest art centers today and for schools to he all incluster with special education. ..I often find myself outraged at the lack of understanding that I encounter as our social services have still failed to embrace this new understanding that the amazing people at gingerbread created. ..This is the new battleground  and despite the agonies we will prevail…in 2018 the high court recognised the systematic failings of local athorites and guardians yo fully explore and utilise recourses to krep family’s together ..This is in direct contradiction with thier human rights. . It is a ticking time bomb….I personally have been vilified bullied and due to kent county council social services subjected to physical abuse. …my beautiful children have been ostracised and placed in abusive situations that will impact on the rest of thier inocent lives.  It is our most shameful modern horrors..In reality most family’s do not speek out because of the shame..large amounts of parents mentally crumble under the strain oft en turning to self abuse..but I am a GINGERBREAD CHILD I have been given the rare gift of being part of social change from a young age…I KNOW THAT TOGERTHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE..  Be strong..just by speaking out here you have inspired me to write this .  remember until 1998 it was still leafed to rape your wife..  and now with this amazing gift to humanity of the Internet we can conext with the world.. it takes on ordinary person to say no on the bus and it’s can begin a revolution…


    Every were I go’o people always ask me who I am were do I come from

    And I tell m im from GINGERBREAD 💋👍✌😁💪❤👐

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