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    I am currently working part-time hours and have two children (girl 10, boy 6). My son is moderately deaf, he was in hospital this year from beginning of January to April when I nearly thought I was going to loose him. Covid lockdown then happened  and then end of July at a family party my stepdad attacked and threatened me. Me and the children were living with my parents as I have never had any luck getting a private rented home and my debt. Now we are homeless though, have no where. Council aren’t making sense to me and I am so scared. I suffer with depression and anxiety and it has hit rock bottom, I haven’t got dressed for days and can’t stop crying. I am on medication but this is the lowest I have been. Council can get us into emergency accommodation next week when kids go back to school but I’m scared what that will be like. I’m scared how I will ever get our own home as I have tried this week and just get rejected due to only getting part time wages and benefits …. I haven’t got a guarantor. I also have a lot of debt and struggling severely financially. Council won’t give us a council home either. I can’t see any light, I am tying to fight but have hit a brick wall and want to give up…..any advice or people who have been in a similar experience would be great please

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    Hello Mermaid,

    I worked in a homeless charity for a while and unfortunately your case is not unique. Get in touch with your GP first and urgently. See and find a local charity that cares for the homeless. We had caseworker and you would have been assigned to one. Take it from there. You are not alone and many churches will be happy to ackt as guarantors in a case like yours. But you need to see your GP asp.

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    My name is Sandra and I am one of the moderators. I am going to send you a private message as it is really important that you get some help and support at this incredibly difficult time

    Please look out for my message

    very best wishes



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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