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    Hi I’ve spoken to a few of u before….and some of u know my situation….. I’ve not been able to get anywhere in the last few months so wondering if anyone can’t send advice or even know anyone willing to help ….

    I need a house to rent in the b78 area my kids go to the polesworth school and the dordon school and after moving and moving I don’t want to unsettle them as they are both doing so good  and we have been homeless before it’s so hard I can’t do that to them again they are 11 9 and 2 they shouldn’t live like this …. I living in a rented house that’s awful and my landlord just threatens eviction when ever I say somethings wrong and because of covid he’s lost his job and is now saying he might have to sell….I have leaks everywhere I have no heating at night because I have to turn the water off I have no hall light or bathroom light because he’s still not sorted it that one issue has been waiting for over eight months…. I have mould everyeher none of my windows are secure my front doors not sercure I pay 750 pounds a month for s house that doesn’t feel like home it’s now become a prison…. My family is clean and quiet and no trouble at all… Due to past my credit isn’t the greatest I don’t have any family to guarantee me a property and I’ve got no deposit…. I’ve tried all I can’t but I can’t get help from anywhere to the point I even felt to do a fund me site if people can do it for boob jobs and cars or holiday why couldn’t I for a home for my children but  not like that and I couldn’t even share it if I did I don’t have social media or friends or family  to share it it’s just an imbarrasment but that how low I feel I’d have to go to get anywhere….. I just want a landlord in the b78 area willing to give me a chance for my children ….. A place to call home please can anyone help me

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    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling so much… I can’t really help much but I do know for a fact that your landlord HAS to do the works to make your home liveable! The law is firmly on your side with this, especially seeing as you have a 2 year old. Your home is required by law to be secure, warm & with water working properly.
    My advice would be to go to your nearest citizens advice, they will help you with the legal side of things and hopefully put a rocket under your landlords bum! You’re not on your own I promise – and by the way he can threaten eviction but if it comes down to it, see him in court and I promise that so long as you’re doing your bit (keeping up with rent/bills & keeping the house in order) then the law WILL be on your side.
    Good luck & I hope you don’t mind but I’ll pray for you xxx

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    Am so sorry to read this , but if you are paying rent then your land lord has to fix these issues . I suggest you speak to council or citizen advice bureau because the house sounds like a health hazard!! I know landlords and they have to fix the issues  Otherwise they will be reported to the council. It is not your problem that the landlord not working. Just stay there and see if you can get a council property!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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