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    Hi everyone. It’s my first post on here and I probably should have posted a long time ago.

    I’ve been going through a horrible few years trying to split from my partner. He refuses to acknowledge we arent together and refuses to move out, sell the house so I can move on. The atmosphere at home is awful and we have two young kids.

    He doesn’t do his share of the housework, I believe he’s trying to make my life hell by not tidying up after himself and putting all the housework and childcare pressure on me even though I do a full time job.

    He won’t participate in any meaningful conversation and he meets me with sarcasm or dismisses me  everytime I try to talk to him. He’s made me feel trapped like I can’t move on I feel so stuck and like there’s no hope. He’s made me feel really low and I’m at the stage where I can’t see any happiness. I don’t have family or friends around else I’d go there for a few days and sort things out, he knows this. I feel like he’s emotionally abusing me making it difficult to leave.

    He’s also taken to manipulating conversations trying to get a reaction from me and then recording what I say for his records. I feel he’s trying to build a case against me   In case I do get the courage to leave, blackmail me to stay.

    He is know for being a rather difficult person when things get difficult and has had various work related issues over the years, he’s a defensive person and will challenge decisions until he wins

    Please help I feel so low like I have no way to turn. I’ve really started to hate my life and what it has become

    Is there any one I can connect with on a regular basis for support and advice


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    this sounds awful, so sorry for you and the kids 

    Is there no way you can just move out?

    Maybe an idea to seek some professional advice either via a solicitor or citizens advice which I guess can point you in a direction

    You certainly need to find a solution

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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