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    I currently have a CSA (or whatever they are called now) claim against my ex husband that’s been running for about 4 years, he pays £7/week for our two boys.

    Recently received the annual review letter that says it will go up to £72/week – great news.

    Reading further it states that the from the information they have received from HMRC for tax year ending 5th April 18 he’s been earning £445/week.

    To have earnt this much he must have been working from 6th April 17, all whilst paying just £7/week for his kids.

    I spoke to csa today & they tell me he’s not obliged to inform them of any changes in circumstances & they will not make any back payments.

    £270 a month is a big difference for me, even if they only backdated it from April to now.

    My question is how can they do this? Why is the paying partner (male or female) penalised for not keeping details current. This system actually rewards them for not saying anything.

    What can I do to either make CSA back date payments or make ex partner pay what is due to my kids (don’t know where he is, had no contact for 5 years)

    Sorry for a long post, but I’m really annoyed & don’t want him to getaway with earning £23k without any thought to his kids.

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