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    I have separated from my partner few weeks ago. We have two kids together. We rented privately and are both in the tenancy, and are stuck on housing due to rent arrears from past with council. Have have money yet to go private rented on any other place. we tried staying in the same house until we can find places each that didn’t work. To atm I go to my friends house for a free days then I come back for a free days to see the kids(2 days with the kids two kids away from kids) I can’t have our kids stay over at my friends house as not enough room. So I go back to the joint rented house. But my ex is always in, and we end up arguing all the time. She won’t leave the house whilst I see the kids but when she has kids I leave her to it. It has got to the point now where my daughter(age 8) is getting really upset because of the arguing and I just don’t wanna go round to see kids if she is in as I don’t get me n kids time as arguing always happen. I start a new job in 2 weeks so I will be seeing kids every weekend when I’m off. Just stuck at what to do when it comes to seeing the kids

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    I would suggest if you could save up some money and get your own place to rent. in the meantime if your seeing kids at home with ex, is it possible to spend days out with the kids, so there’s less chance of confrontation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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