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    I’ve just applied for my first family court hearing with a c100 form.Im hoping I can complete this process on my own or as little fees as possible.If anyone has any advice,help,friends, anything what to expect when I get there.Thanks I appreciate it.

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    I can not give you legal advice, but can only mention my own experiences. After you apply, at some point the courts social workers CAFCASS will call you to have a brief call, to find out what the issues are. They send a brief safeguarding letter to court, and advise them on next steps. The first hearing is not very long. They want to find out what the issues are. If you will be self-representing, just raise your hand when you want to speak. Would avoid giving long speeches or reading huge paragraphs. CAFCASS may say theres no risks to children. If they have concerns, they may tell court that a welfare report (section 7) needs to be done. If so, that can take 8-12 weeks. They would be scheduling a 2nd court hearing, and that S7 report will be out by then. There’s something else called a fact finding hearing, that may or may not be done. Again a lengthy process if it happens. Would suggest that you be 100% child focused, and avoid slating your ex. At first hearing you could ask for interim contact, if your not seeing kids at moment, and if it’s very likely there will be more hearings going forward.

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    Andrew uk

    Get a McKenzie Friend. Cheaper than a solicitor and mine has been really useful.

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    Thank you for all the help/advice I do appreciate it and lll keep it all in mind.

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    Contact Rights of Women. Google it.

    Don’t expect Cafcass to be on your side. They like to play Devil’s advocate.

    Expect Cafcass to make mistakes. They do and will.

    Check every single document that comes from them and the Court with a fine tooth comb for accuracy.

    Get yourself organised. Very important. All paperwork in date order if you are doing it yourself. Check your post and emails regularly each day and place in file. Get yourself a printer/photocopier if you don’t have one already. Operate with all this like a legal secretary.

    Send ALL communications and I mean ALL by special delivery and keep receipts so that you have proof of postage.

    Any procedural issues and remember you may phone the Family Court and ask them which forms are needed and about correct procedure.

    Be prepared for hearings to be held remotely.

    Make sure you have a decent computer.

    The Court should have a system of court helpers to come with you put your request in now. Look at their website.

    Don’t expect the Family Court to deal with domestic abuse or domestic violence against you adequately. Google it. They fail on this one.

    Expect the worst. Then if you get anything better this will be progress.

    And above all, expect your ex to play games. Don’t expect them to turn up. If you are dealing with a narcissist you have your work cut out.

    Look after yourself.

    Post on here. Keep postinng.

    Get a series of telephone helplines lined up for wheen you are feeling low. Samaritans 116 123. Mindline emotional support.

    Good luck. You will need it.

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    Hi There,

    I’m just going through it all now Fella and the Cafcass call is the worst thing I’ve experienced so far. Your ex can make false claims about you and you have to wait to go to court to dispute them. Beware the Cafcass call as they are seriously biased towards the Mother. Get yourself a calendar and document everything, best of luck👍🏻

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    Thanks for the advice,I appreciate it all so much.

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