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    I’ve met my child a handful of times (5-10 times), not consistently,  in a public place and usually for around an hour, Mother/someone else there.

    Ex and I split when she was pregnant. Child doesn’t know/understand who I am and I’ve had no hands on experience (never changed a nappy, fed, bathed, put to bed, etc). If we had to go to court (hopefully won’t come to that) to request PR and for child arrangement order, what contact would the court likely suggest and over what time frame?

    Child is 1.5 years old and I live an hour and a half away. I work Mon-Fri, only really have weekends available.

    How would contact likely be built up? Child is very wary of strangers, becomes stressed/upset if I get too near, etc. I’d like child for overnight stays, would they consider/suggest overnights to begin within a couple of months? I just can’t see child being comfortable/willing any time soon…

    Second question, if I attend mediation, does ex have to be invited as well, before I can apply to court? Or can I attend and then immediately apply to court without ex being invited to mediation session?

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