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    How do you guys cope with a very violent child, plus 2 other children when you have mental health’s problems and struggling to keep yourself safe and to keep going. I tired of being on my own to deal with everything I got no proper support, noone believes how bad my son is even though he been arrested, police been to property several times, ambulances have been to me. He has had knives out to threaten us, he strangles and tried to serious hurt his younger brother he assaults me and constantly him and his older sister are violent to each other. I really can’t take no more, I’m tired of fighting for someone to listen. All I get told is I need to up my parenting, social have made me feel worthless and questioning myself why am I still here. What’s the point in it all

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    I understand a bit about this. My daughter gets angry and violent sometimes and I feel ashamed to say it but she was arrested too. The ironic thing is I am a very calm person who doesn’t swear or shout etc and she has no other siblings. I felt so judged when social services called me, like I am some uneducated, unmannered second class person. Getting parenting advice from a 25 year old who doesnt have kids. Theory is one thing but if a child seriously kicks off its difficult to deal with in practice.

    Its very frustrating because no matter how much I reason with my daughter when she is in one of these episodes she won’t calm down. She is as big as me so if she refuses to do something I can’t physically make her.

    I am of the opinion that anger can be because of poor mental health. My husband was angry and aggressive prior to being diagnosed with depression. Once on medication it stopped. Ask your gp or school to make a referral to counselling. Does your son ever explain why he does this? My daughter eventually told me she is sad but would rather act tough to cover it up.

    This website may be helpful and if nothing else its reassuring you are not alone. It will pass eventually. Either they grow out of it or get kicked out! I love my daughter and always thought she could stay until 40 if she wanted. Not now. If at 18 she is like this I will ask her to leave. You expect a bit of moody behavior but not violence.

    Keep asking for help. The more times you report incidences the bigger the case for further intervention. It must be exhausting though. Call your GP again. Remember you are not alone and this will pass.

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    Thank you

    I often ask my boy why he hurts his younger brother all I get is I wanted to and I want to kill them meaning his brother and sister. Police have now escalated it to ppu so looks like my 8 year old has to be interviewed and it could go to court on the plus side they can organised an assessment for him which I’m trying to fight for. I just feel so tired and I had enough. Tues I wanted to end my life police ended up coking out to sit and talk to me in the middle of the night I can’t take no more of the violence


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