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    Reaching out as finding the carpet has been completely pulled from underneath me.

    Very messy situ. Husband of only 4 weeks left when finding out I was preg (work affair). He didn’t bother the entire pregnancy, now my baby is here i have been maintaining communication and regular contact as he now wants invovlement.

    However, tonight during contact he said he is wishing to stop paying his half of the mortgage in a few months as wants to move in with new partner. I have tried to explain that i can’t afford to buy a different house or buy him out.

    He didn’t like this obviously and is saying he cannot afford to keep paying his half. I think he is being pressured by the new partner as both are currently living at home with parents which is not ideal. I just don’t know what to do.

    I am still on maternity and have no clue how i am going to afford to do anything as still in debt from our wedding.  I know i need to start divorce proceedings etc but have no clue how i will afford?

    Such a mess. Anyone experienced anything similar. Can he force us out?

    Thanks xx


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