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    So I’m currently getting a divorce and have been separated since last January all this is fine we weren’t good together and I’ve excepted this

    However today I’ve been told by him he’s seeing someone else and I was so hurt it’s not because I’m still in love with him I don’t know why it is.I knew it would happen I just feel sad

    Can anyone relate to this?I feel confused


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    Hi Happymum41,

    I can relate to how you’re feeling. I separated from my wife last March (my decision) for the same reasons as yourself, in that we were butting heads and bickering all the time just making the relationship very unenjoyable!

    Even though it was my choice and we are very amicable I still couldn’t help but feel saddened and disheartened ( and truthfully a fair bit jealous) when 10 weeks later she was as posting pictures on Facebook of “date night” and “lunch treats”…however…I soon realised that me moping around comparing my singledom with hers and other people’s seemingly happy dating lives was not going to achieve anything. I (maybe extremely) deleted all social media accounts and have since just got on with planning what I want to do with my little girl each week and my free time and then just gone out and done exactly that with nothing and nobody else to compare it to and the past year 10 months has actually been pretty great because of it.
    My ex partner is now in a full relationship with this guy and seems happy and I’m actually really happy for her now because I’m using my energy to concentrate on me and my little girl and not spending it worrying and comparing to others. I’ve been on dates in that time and met some lovely ladies both non parents and single parents but I’ve not been disheartened when it’s not gone further than a few dates or they’ve not been right for me to pursue further. so that would be my advice…JUST DO YOU and enjoy the journey. 😊 x

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Your Relationship sounded exactly like mine.There wasn’t a big reason we just didn’t get on.We get on reasonabley well now and I think it just threw me!

    We haven’t been a part of each other’s life for over a year so I’ve plenty things to fill my time(not at the minute obviously)so I’m content

    I think it just reminded me of the future your not going to have together anymore and it’s just sad I guess cause at one time they were your future

    Its just strange xx

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