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    hello I am a single mother to a 6 year old. I feel very lonely and depressed and feel its getting harder. I have my grandparents close by but not my parents or other family. My daughter doesn’t see her dad at all.I’m struggling to make friends at my daughters school as the mothers are older and feel are abit judgemental. I work part time as a catering assistant but only doing it to fit around my daughter. I’m finding it so hard as lots of people have help from family and support I just dont know what to do.

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    Athena, it is very hard especially with so little help.

    But don’t imagine the older mums are judging you. I was the other end of the scale in my late 40s when son went to primary, and I felt the same thing.

    Over time I realised they were really wondering how I survived on my own. By the time my son moved up, four of the other mums had asked how to manage wrap around care and holidays, because they wanted out of their miserable relationships and I “made it look so easy”  🤔

    Your other mums are probably envious of how young you look, when their toddlers have had them up all night.

    Keep talking … on here, to your gran, at the school gate….lots of people will help. Don’t be afraid to ask. You are doing brilliantly. x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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