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    <span class=”s1″ style=”font-family: ‘.SFUIText’; font-size: 19pt;”>For nearly seven weeks me and my three children have had to go without due to identity theft !! At first I had bunch of bank passcodes sent to my phone so I rang the bank and told them and explained I didn’t try to make any online purchases. So they changed my card details as put a watch on my account for unusual activity. Then on the day I was due to be paid my income there was nothing in the bank so I rang hmrc and they told me that I had made a universal credit claim . But I didn’t !! I found out someone had made an universal credit account in my name but with different bank details . I told them the day I found out 24/4/20 it was fraudulent and not a single person is doing anything about it . I’ve contacted hmrc , dwp, universe credit, citizens advice, housing office , solicitors, police four times , action fraud, benefits Fraud hotline , social services, and even my local mp !!! I applied for a hardship grant and they told me I could only get a good bank voucher !! Iv already had two in the last five weeks. I have rang these people non stop , I have emailed and wrote And still no one can help !! I have 3 children under five, I’m a single parent completely without support . And now I’m literally only receiving my child benefit which is just under £200 per month ! So now I’m left to look after my three kids and run a house on £200 per month !!!!!  <span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>Im completely stuck and <span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>I have tried everything I can now I even wrote to the press too ! I just can’t believe the government would leave 4 people in this situation! I gave them everything they wanted to know and they aren’t even investigating it! If any one has any advice It would be much appreciated!!! </span>

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