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    Hello I recently found out my ex partner is pregnant with our child we have split up but I have still tried to work things out so we can get along. I promised to provide for the baby but she wants more from me. Here is my question I am a student who is not currently working but I have a savings account. Does Cms take into account my savings account or only the income I earn. The help is much appreciated.

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    CMS would assess you based on your income if your working. If your not working then you will not be expected to pay anything.

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    Hi Dave 1234

    Are you sure the child is yours? Some father asks for a test once the baby is born.

    If your ex-partner is in need of money especially with a new child. There are lots of ways she can get things free. There is a range of charities which, offer to give free baby’s clothes. Foodbank every week with free food, toiletries, nappies. Advise her to get as many benefits as she is entitled to. This may free some financial burden to her and yourself. You seem a kind man but, just be careful. She is not trying to manipulate you for money if the baby is not yours. If she is an ex-partner, she may have someone else. I’m just being honest.

    If you need any help, may advise on her council/borough to advise what local services could help her and the baby.

    Thanks Katherine


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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