Hello. I am new to this website. I am really in need of some support and new fr

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    *deleted user*

    As the title states ^

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    hi hows it going?

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    *deleted user*

    Hey. I’m really struggling at times. Other times I’m okay but other times I struggle. I’ve just come out of a relationship. I’m a single mum. I co-parent with his dad, so spend some times on my own and I get lonely, which makes me feel worse.

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    how many kids do you have? must be nice to have child living with you. i’m on opposite end so even lonelier. I try keep busy. youtube videos. exercise. chatting to friends and family on whatsapp etc. feel free to message any time.

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    Wisdom James

    Hello Georgia, I understand how you feel. It’s ain’t easy you know, but you gotta stay strong for me dear. Am here for you, feel free to share your pains with me anytime on hangout


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    Good evening

    Hope your well! I know how your feeling, in a very similar situation.

    How ever hard it gets being without them, your never alone!

    Chin up ! Stay safe

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    Hi GeorgiaLouise21,

    Just read your post & wanted to say Hi.

    I’m at the other end of the spectrum,my kids are with me….liiiike…All the time.(Covids not helping).

    Too much of anything is not good.Even company sorry to say.And I still feel dreadfully lonely in my head while I’m tripping over their feet! Does that make any sense? Probably not, but never mind.

    Stay sane in this madness.

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    *deleted user*

    Hi guys, thank you for your responses 🙂 Gummibearthat is the complete opposite isn’t it lol. Its hard being on my own but I can of corse also imagine how hard it is being around children 24/7 and never getting that break. It does definitely make sense! Is it because you don’t have that adult company? You seem lonely because it’s just you vs children? X

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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