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    Jen D

    Hi again

    Got round to logging in again! First night not totally exhausted for a few days!! Thank you for your replies and it’s a relief to hear from other people who feel the same and have so little time! I’ve ended up cutting back on phone calls to friends because the boys always seem to make noise/fight/hurt themselves/or have similar crisis so that I’ve to get off the phone asap! Been separated for nearly 2 years now although still in touch (see every week)/carer for the boys’ dad. It’s also great to hear from people who aren’t just moaning and groaning with major problems’s  with exes. Despite having a gruelling time when the boys’ dad was finally admitted to hospital still do care for him and really want to focus on the good things in life and all the things I’m thankful for. My children are so full of life and although my job is exhausting at least the boys are in school and I’ve had my first Covid jab and got a date for my 2nd so despite only just recovering from exhaustion there are advantages to being a nurse at the moment. Just watching the news and it’s about Mars .. child just interviewing saying ‘maybe we can live on Mars!’ My eldest has just completed a project about this and suggested it’s very cold I think there and you could plant a tree to generate oxygen. .. life is moving so unbelievably fast.. can’t keep up!

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    Mars?! Isn’t that where all our troubles come from?

    Wouldn’t move to Mars if I was you.

    What did you do to your ex to get him into hospital- any tips?

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    Well done for the extreme crafting there Ali.saa!!  I’ve been feeling guilty for not doing enough craft with my son..


    oooh, weren’t we supposed to be having adult conversation??!  Lol.  Can’t remember how to do it!

    This is the smiley, jokey front to similar feelings of isolation and sadness that people have been expressing.


    It’s soooooo effing tough right now, with this lockdown (the last, I trust.)  Perhaps it’s the thing of it being darkest just before the dawn because it’s really bleak right now.

    Sending EVERYONE here encouragement and faith for your next day. xxxx

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    Jen D

    Thank you Melly mel…think most of us need that sort of encouragement at the mo…I seem to swing between thinking life is great to missing everything about how life used to be and my ex as he used to be before he was ill and trying to focus on everything that’s good about life now…of which there is plenty! Boys have got a virtual camp from cubs tonight and it’s my eldest birthday tomorrow so got lots to do today in preparation! Hope you all have a good day xx Not sure whether to take my photo off this as not sure how safe it is that anyone may be able to identify me/us?? Got one weird reply so may do that now

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    its up to you if you want to keep pic or not, i prefer to be anonymous online

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    Matt W

    Great … this is a picture  of me !
    I’ve got one of those forgettable faces …

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    Thank you Melly mel

    I’ll just trying to be a good dad and my son is a good kid!

    As you mentioned all of us get stuck due to this awful crisis. And I hope things get better!

    Coping with financial stress and anxiety during pendamic is more difficult. All of us want to be perfect for our kids.

    Start making craft for your lovely boy and I’m completely sure he will like it.

    Feel free to send me message for adult conversation!

    Jen D

    Ooh you have a birthday party 👍👍👍🥳🥳🥳

    Good luck and have a wonderful day




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    All the best for the birthday preparations Jen D, hope it goes nicely for your son’s (?) birthday.  Let us know how it went, if you want 😉 (keep forgetting the theme of this chat being adult stuff!) It was my son’s 9th birthday a few weeks back and actually because it needed to be really simple it meant we focused on what really mattered.  And I said to myself that one gift to him was that I wouldn’t shout at him for the whole day LOL!!!  Lucky boy!! 😉  and I managed not to!  He had chocolate cake and a more relaxed mum, a few gifts and he was happy.

    I hear you totally re how up and down things can feel!  I want to be able to remember this so that I don’t get so disappointed when things inevitably fall after good times (note to self -general life lesson there).

    Ali, I’m googling easy craft activities now! It feels very easy to sink into inaction doesn’t it, losing the will type thing..but when we do stuff eventually it’s good.  and good to connect with others and be reminded of all this.

    Matt W, that face is very funny!  It is 2 little grey eyes in the standard anonymous face right?!  I needed to wipe my screen just to check it wasn’t bits of fluff!!  Strangely personally anonymous 😀 😀


    oh well, better get back to the little one, I took time out to have some me time  (how many hours of screen have we notched up today already.. not proud it’s just where it’s at right now).


    Counting down the days til school now..

    M xx


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    Matt W

    @mellymel .. that’s my eyebrows!
    say hi to grandmaster flash, and those … erm …. furious boys.

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    That’s exactly what I’ll do every night 😂😂

    Googling and find some easy craft to make for him.

    Try to make excavator it’s super easy and boys like this craft


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    Matt W

    …. are they really still angry ?

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    Just getting your Grandmaster Flash jokes now Matt!!!!

    Melle Mel!!  I am not Melvin though, lol.

    It IS a JUNGLE sometimes and I wonder hO w I keep from going under..



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    Matt W

    Priceless …. for a moment I was 11  again 🕺🕺… boy I suddenly feel very old  … 😂😂😂. Think I’ll have a lie down …..

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    Feel the need to get some choons (that shows my age doesn’t it,  no one young uses that word do they?) on and dance, not done that in a while and it ALWAYS makes me feel better.  Not having good/any speakers right now stopped me from playing music, oh dear 🙁

    Anyone here do kitchen disco dancing?  What are your musical tipples?

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    hey Melly mel,

    As I’m a terrible dancer😅😅 I never dance on any occasion even when I’m alone🤣🤣.

    I’ve got a piano playlist and always listening to these songs but when I’ll get drunk I start lip-syncing with my playlist on YouTube.


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