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    I am new to this group but not new to being a single mum . . . just wanted to say hello and see if there were any other adopters?

    I have 2 adopted children who have been with me over 7 years (they are amazing and wonderful also have some challenging behaviors, attachment disorder, anxiety etc). 3 Years ago I found out that my (now) ex husband had an affair and so the marriage ended. I have moved away from him to be closer to my parents but this has left my social circle very limited. 2 months after the move I was diagnosed with breast cancer and am coming out of the other side of the treatment process a lot less confident.

    I work full time so relay on wrap around childcare so am never at the school gates to meet other parents and I find myself often the loan single parent when I take them to clubs and activities and the like. My lack of confidence is not helping me to connect and build a new social circle. I’d like to date again but would struggle to find the ‘me’ time I would need and I never go anywhere to meet people so would be limited to online dating which is a scary concept (I have tried in the past) and I also get a lot of lectures about self care from various sources but I find it hard because if I am not at work then I am focusing my energy on my children.

    thanks for taking the time to read,


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