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    Hi all

    I’ve just joined this forum as my husband and I separated a few days ago. We are still living together and will be for the next few weeks until we can sort something out. We have two little girls.

    The separation was my decision and it wasn’t taken lightly. I had been unhappy for a long time and I feel in the long run, it’s the best thing. However right now I am feeling completely devastated and fearful of the future. I’m scared I will regret my decision. I’m scared of how our  children will be affected. I worry I will be intensely lonely and unable to  cope. My family live on the opposite side of the country, although I do have some great friends for support. At the moment my husband and I are managing to keep it mainly amicable, suddenly we are communicating better than we have for years, but I feel in my heart it’s too little too late.

    I feel at rock bottom at the moment and think I just need some reassurance  that it will get better.

    Thanks for reading xx

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    I read your message and it’s left me feeling dizzy.


    You’ve separated but you’re living together.

    You’ve wanted to do it for a long time,but you’re devastated.

    You’re communicating better than ever.

    You feel at rock bottom at the moment,but you want reassurance.

    If you don’t mind…what the heck.

    Why on earth would you Choose to hurt yourself??? The world is full of people ready to hurt others randomly for no reason at all,yet some prefer to make themselves miserable.

    Now listen up.Being a single parent is lonely,hard work and exhausting.Unless you have babysitters and constant support and friendship.If you’re communicating better than ever take my advice.Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.Have a serious think,maybe the daily wear & tear wore you both down a bit.Bear in mind it’s been a really difficult 18 months.I wonder if there’s any small changes you could make that might make you feel better about the relationship.A lot of people on this site will msg that things get better bla bla but there’s even more people who know differently.

    If this was really right for you,you would be feeling relief and not dreading the future alone the way it sounds you are.

    When I’m doing something i’m happy about I don’t need ‘reassurance’ etc and I bet you don’t either.

    I hope you think this through and don’t do anything you might regret further down the line.💗

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