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    I am a newly single mum looking to meet others in the same position.

    Its going to be pretty challenging in the current climate but if anyone is interested in innocent chatting to share experiences please drop me a line.


    Stay safe

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    Hello Margarita I’m single mum too ) so I’ve learnt to organise my day with 3 little ones ( twins girls and the toddler ) so it’s hard work but as they grow it’s gets a lot easier)

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    Liane 245

    @MargRita hey.

    What area are u living in???

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    Hey 👋🏻 Feel free time chat, I’m going through a difficult divorce with two young kids

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    Hi MargRita

    Ive been a single mum for over 10years now, it’s not easy but you will be fine. I think if anything it makes you incredibly strong.

    One of my key experiences is when people think they know what it’s like for you. The countless times I’ve heard people tell me they know what it feels like because say their partner works away during the week and is only home of a weekend. And I’m like NO you don’t know what it’s like… for me it’s 24/7… you don’t get that time off of a weekend when other half is home, you are 100% relied on.


    But i I tell you what… I would have it no other way. My relationship with my child is incredibly close and I love her more than anything. Xxx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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