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    I just joined now.  I’m not to sure why I joined to be honest.  I think I’m doing ok, maybe I’m in search of people in the same situation as myself.  Iv been separated over 3 1/2 years, from Dublin and I have a little old girl.

    God that all sound a bit like I’m joining a dating app.

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    Hello, I hope you find this site useful and you receive lots of support, I am a single dad to two girls 10 and almost 13 now, dreaded teenage years yikes, there mum sadly died when they were little 2 and 5 so it has almost been 8 years now, not sure were that time has gone.  How old is your little girl?

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    Hello kent. Thanks for the welcome. Goodness, that’s very sad for you and your girls .

    My little girl is 8 now, She is amazing,  She keeps me going.

    I don’t know why I’ve always been so reluctant to join a forum. I think I can do it all, and don’t want people to think I can’t cope esp my family and friends. All my friends are in couples. I want my daughter to see me as a strong independent lady, and to look like I’m on top of it all so She feels surcure in her home.

    Anyway hello,  I hope this will be a good experience.

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    I am sure you are a strong independent lady, sometimes we just do not realise just how strong we are, sometimes even when we are having a bad day just

    getting up takes strength and doing normal things, my kids are very level headed, but then I think kids are very resilient and normally just get on with things,  like your friends my friends are coupled up too, guess then sometimes we get forgotten as they have their own lives to lead, maybe I was like that once.  hope you are having a good weekend.

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    Hi there.

    This online community can be a fantastic way of making connections with other parents to share experiences and generally support each other.  Gingerbread have over 100 peer support groups running across England and Wales.  These groups are run by single parent  volunteers and are a great way of socialising  with other parents in your area.  Please go to https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/community/single-parent-groups/groups/

    If there is not a group in your area why not set one up yourself.  I will be happy to support you to do this.   Register an interest online and I will help you with the rest.

    Have a good day everyone and happy chatting.


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    Hello you all, there are some parent with a near 3 year old baby?I would love to meet parents, I dont like technology very much.

    Is there no chance to organise a day and time and meet for a coffee or whatever? I live in Thornton Heath and I am from Argentina then my English is not as good as yours, I speak French and Spanish



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