He lost all our money but I’m the one who’s struggling

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    Sad in Surrey

    I gave up my job after my youngest was born 6 years ago. It was his idea. At the time we had about £150k saved in the bank from selling a property we’d refurbished. In the last few years he has used that money to put down deposits for investment properties. 15 flats in total. He put all of them in his name because the mortgages are in his name but assured me they were very much ours.

    The deposit money was then put back into the savings after they’d been remortgaged. He subsequently moved all of OUR money out of our joint account and Into an account I didn’t have access too. He assured me it was all fine but later confesssed he had lost it all gambling on the stock market. Every last penny of it

    I have since found out that the flats have been mismanaged and are barely breaking even but they do have a decent amount of equity in them.

    I am working but barely keeping my head above water. My job options are limited because of his unpredictable job, which makes it impossible to know when he’d be around to have the children.

    Can I force him to sell the properties and give me some of the equity? It just seems really unfair that he’s been left with everything while I have nothing left because he lost it all!

    Any advice appreciated

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