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    Last Wednesday I caught my husband messaging another woman arranging to take her in the Lorry on the Friday night. I immediately kicked him out especially as it wasn’t the first time he had cheated.


    I struggled through the the weekend with him texting begging for another chance, telling me he lived me to then find out on the Monday that he had plans to meet up with that woman again.


    Since then life has become unbearable in my head. I can’t sleep, barely eat and only just managing to hide my emotions from the kids.


    He has moved in with our kids God mother renting a room. Proper landed on his feet £100 a week board, bills and she’s even doing his food shopping.


    And here I am struggling to go from one day to the next, spending most my time crying and haveing the fact that I still love him but know I can never trust him again.


    My mind is going over time, even now I can’t stop torchering myself wondering who he is with what he is doing. Even the girls God mother who he rents off that I have always trusted I’m questioning. I don’t know how to stop.


    And then there’s the kids. He now has them every Saturday and I’m worried he is going to take them around strange women. I don’t want them around any of the women he appears to be going for as they do not put the right morals a cross for my kids. I have to teach them that what their father did was completely out of order. I don’t want my son to treat a girl like this when he is older or for my daughter to think it’s acceptable. So being around women that are willing to go after a married man knowing he is married is a no no for me.


    I still pick up the phone half expecting half hoping to hear from him. I miss talking to him. And at the same time hate him and have all these fears going through my head. I really don’t know how to move past all of this. Will this ever go away.

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    I feel like I could have wrote this,for 8 months I cried wanted him back even when I found he was living with her,he would ring tell me he loved me,he’d made a mistake,didn’t love her,but he wouldn’t come home,I couldnt tell see beyond the fact that she had taken a married man and dad,it took me 8 months to serve she had done me a massive favour,she now had to look after a serial cheater,who she knew up to that point that was still sleeping with me,I was an idiot,I joined a dating site,so not me,but it gave me the boost and confidence back,that he’d knocked out of me,I started to eat, I’d lost a stone and a half,I was only a size 8 to start with,I saw that he has no respect for me to cheat,and I was worth more,try doing the same,he hasn’t valued your relationship to text other women,then agree to meet,so he didn’t actually love you enough which he should,you deserve better,you didn’t do anything wrong he did,he had a choice,he chose to cheat,you now need to choose to be that strong independent woman and mum that no doubt if like me,he quashed,you can do it,I’m living proof,she will always have an ugly heart,will always be ugly inside and out,nothing  will ever change that,he will always cheat,have no respect,me and my children are better than that,you are too xx

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