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    after some advice please

    I have been staying with my gf over xmas , who’s daughter tested postive for covid she is now clear , however her son has now tested postive today , my children were due to stay this week from tomorrow, I currently live with my mum who is vulnerable my ex thinks I should go back to my mums with my kids instead of them coming to my girlfriends, I have had covid  but my mum isn’t happy me doing this

    happy for any advice please

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    If your mum won’t allow you to go there, which I can see why due to close contact with positive cases being a risk factor especially if vulnerable anyway . (I’ve had covid twice despite vaccines so it does happen and though mild and barely noticible for me it’s been different times of year so presumably different strains and the omicron is apparenty dodging natural immunity from past infections so its one to be careful with)

    The kids won’t be allowed in the girlfriends legally either if son is isolating so it’s a bad situation all around which is going to take some very sensible talks between you and your ex about what’s best if you can’t take them safely this week. I had to have these chats myself and it’s hard, but sensible and ultimately it’s best to face it head on.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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