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    Hello everyone!

    I’m a recent single mom and I’m really struggling because of my separation, things weren’t going so good since the first lockdown, we weren’t having much intimacy and our communication was kind of bad, I was feeling so guilty because I know I was the one failing but last month he suddenly came to tell me that he was cheating on me with his ex girlfriend for the entire year, even when I wasn’t totally in love at the end this is devastating because I think that our problems weren’t an excuse for him to do it and he is still seeing her, how can I overcome this? I want to be as good as I can for my son but the fact of thinking on them together makes me feel heart broken, somebody tell me that this feeling will go away…

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    This feeling will go away.

    There might be a bit of self pity at first.Well deserved.But try not to get stuck there.Lying down and dying is not the answer right now.Then there’s the rage😉which often turns into a desire for revenge which- if you plan it well and execute it in style I can tell you will give you a temporary boost😊 There exists an option for being the better person and taking the high road.I’m not sure about that,but some say the view is worthwhile.Then there are the greats amongst us who believe in acceptance and forgiveness.I really cannot advise on this as I have no experience in that dept.Personally I would suggest you treat yourself like you wld treat someone who’s been through a bad accident.Lots of TLC & nice things that make you feel better to give you the strength to be there for your son.You will deal with the rest later. Its so hard,wishing you lots of 💗

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    Thanks for your message, I know already that I’m the better person and he knows it, that makes me feel relieved, I just want the anger for them going away just to have a calm mind, I deserve it

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    Be strong. You were having doubts anyway. So move forward knowing you deserve better.

    time does heal, and you will feel stronger again.

    You are not alone, message if you would like to x

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