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    Urgh. I’m lying in bed and all of a sudden being consumed by feelings and I just want to pour my heart out!

    Gosh I feel like utter crap!

    Baby is lying next to me so I can’t even cry as hard as I really need to.


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    Hi @furbag36.

    Whats wrong? Sorry to hear you’re feeling like this 🙁

    Has something happened?

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    Sorry to hear that! Has anything today triggered it?

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    @Dash84 @bobsingledad No, I think it’s just revisiting the worries I have for my daughter. The same single parent worries.

    Will she be ok without her dad around, handling childcare whilst I work, money etc….

    Lying in bed is the worst time because that’s the time all those worries come flooding back.

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    Does the baby see dad at all?

    trust yourself! If you do right by your child then your child will be fine. Childcare will work itself out – you will get the help you need. Worrying shows a sign of being a great mum!

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    @Bobsingledad I don’t really know what is going on with that. He doesn’t ask how she is. He never called to say Merry Christmas to her.

    We were in the middle of having the house done and it isn’t complete so he couldn’t have her if he wanted to. There are holes in floorboards and electrics all over the floor and all sorts.

    He’s seen her once since I left beginning of December and that’s only because I drove back to London to do the rounds.

    He didn’t challenge me leaving…..

    To be honest, I don’t think I’d trust her with him even if he did. That is what contributed to me leaving him.

    He was indoors with her and I’ve walked in hearing her crying her head off and he isn’t seeing to her because he’s rubbing his dogs tummy because it had a tummy ache.

    On another occasions during summer I got in and she was crying and hot because he had the fan in his dog. He doesn’t prioritise her. He’d rather be down the pub with his dog than spend time with her. He never spent time with her and he never bonded with her.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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