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    They say it’s Good to talk, so here goes. Laying awake as feeling low tonight – things coming to a head in the next few weeks and watching a film earlier with a happy couples ending with DD has been a reminder of what life used to be like for me – not missing STBEW, more missing having someone to text with, share news with, go to cinema with, someone to watch TV with, that kind of thing. It will pass as it always does (and it’s less frequent than it used to be), just leaves you feeling a bit hollow.

    Not fishing for replies honestly, just getting it off my chest and hopefully will feel better from it.

    Usually a very positive person, just a blip – tomorrow’s a new day.

    Sleep well GB’ers

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    Morning SD

    That new day is here and I hope you are feeling brighter and stronger today.

    Remember to be kind to yourself it’s all still so raw for you and something that you didn’t instigate so it’s expected that you will have blips your whole world has turned upside down.

    Time is the biggest healer so deep breaths and you know the clouds will clear as time passes and the sky will be bright most of the time for you.

    What have you got planned today?

    Glad you are reaching out and not suffering on your own.


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    Hi SD

    Its best to talk. I was the typical macho man who wouldn’t talk to anyone about my feelings. When the kids mother told me that she wanted out I didn’t realise the we could have such horrible feelings and hurt but talking and having someone to sound off too does make it easier

    I wake up at silly o’clock feeling totally empty and staring at the ceiling.The worst thing is when I have a dream that she is still with us and everything is normal.Then I wake☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️.

    We move house next week😁 So hopefully that will keep my mind occupied for a while.But what worries me is when is my next downer coming

    Chin up



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    Hi Both,

    feeling a bit better today, and appreciate the replies.

    Plan for today is Lego, Chinese and Disney movie with DD – she tells me “you’re never too old for Disney” – and she loves Lego too so who am I to say no? I’m far too mature for Lego, and am doing this under complete duress……

    Onwards and upwards!

    Peter, hopefully the new scenery will help you to move forward a bit – build some new memories and traditions. Hope the move goes well, and is the start of a more positive leg of the journey.


    H – thank you 😊


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    You’re always so positive SD so reassuring to know we all have these flat moments. You really do sound like you’re doing so well. Glad you’re feeling more upbeat 😊 xx

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    SD – Sorry to hear you felt this way. Tbh been blipped since Friday, not spoken in person to another human being since the delivery guy dropped off my pizza Friday night. Everything reminds me how alone I am; one plate, one coffee cup, two seater sofa, double bed, other people’s happy couples status updates and photos of nights out. My boy will be back Tuesday and the stress of being a single ASD mum will kick in but even that is me doing it all alone. It sucks.

    Hope you feel better today SD X

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    Its natural to feel a bit lonely. Same here but i like doing my own things mostly and used to being on my own

    Embrace time to relax if you can. Sprawl out on the sofa and bed haha i do. I have a kingsize and its fab cos its all mine hehe

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    Gingey28 – I don’t like it. I don’t relax. For me being alone can be very dangerous.

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    Hi SD,

    You seem such a nice person and yes it’s absolutely awful especially as you never asked for any of this either.

    Yes I have absolutely terrible low moments too and still can’t quite believe I’m in this position too but like you and everyone else I have to pick myself up and carry on, although this is extremely difficult to do as it’s such early days. We will get through thru this not just for us but for our kids too.

    You’re doing great 🙂



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    Hi all,

    SD – happy to bear (or read) that you are much better.

    GTWMC – I used to hate being of my own, the deafening silence and not having anyone to talk. I decided to take yoga on my local centre and I have recently started to learn about meditation. I was reluctant at first, but “the inner peace” is there and it helps me to get there when I can. Maybe it’s worth to try? 🙂 of course it’s not for everyone but just a suggestion.

    I think it’s very natural we have our ups and downs, it is only a matter of going back to the bright side. Easier said than done obvs.

    I have been a bit low also lately but talking to counselling today has helped.

    Hope you are all keeping up today, at least it is still sunny!


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    Evening everyone,

    Feeling better today, and hope you are all ok.

    G, glad the counselling has made you feel a bit better. Having to brush up on my Spanish to help DS with his revision, might need to tap you up for help as my school learned Spanish isn’t cutting it with my Son 😂

    (saw your Spanish comment on another thread – Back you all the way on Pork btw, it’s delish!)


    Hi Spirit,

    Thank you, kind words (I’m blushing!) and wise too.

    When I see the challenges people are facing on here, I’m glad that people at least are able to get it off their chest and talk about things, and everyone understands.

    Just out walking the dog, feel like i’m water ski-ing round the block with the way  she’s pulling!





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    Hi all im new to the site , and have definatly felt the pull of loneliness esp this half term week when my daughter stays with her dad we all get in asca family still. Which is good most of the time. But lately ive become aware of her independance and feel spare part really . Work cook clean and run her about whi has a far healthier social life than me. No friendscto share with as their children are grown up and they all have partners. Rant over . Tomz new day 😆

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    Hey Soccerdad glad you are feeling better (I have also PM’d)

    Lacey hope you got some sleep in the end, it’s the late nights that are the worst I’m sure as have more time to think.

    Today a new day as you say, hope it’s a good one 🙂

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    Hey SD

    completely agree. I have the same esp as my little dude is with me 99% of the time (not that I mind) and once he goes to bed, you feel alone with no one but the tv for a friend!! (all of my friends around me are all still married or with partners) so it is hard to do things.


    Always here, if you want to have a chat about random stuff :). Hope you have a good weekend.

    lou x



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    We all have these little dips. I do sometimes wonder if staying single is the right thing to do. Tbh I have more issues than Vogue which is why I wont entertain the idea of dating. (But I’m working on it)

    My son is getting older (13 in October) and is getting more and more independent. It wont be long before I am more of a spectator. So the focus is starting to shift onto me and I realise how little I have done for myself that last 12 years.

    It is hard when you see couples and you think ‘why cant I be like that?” or ‘I’ve never been as happy with someone as they look’ but then again I see plenty of ashen faced men with their families and you realise you are actually happier.

    Anyway sorry for long post. Hope you are feeling better 😀

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