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    So most days I’m fine, I can crack on I can see why we couldn’t be together and I’m fully aware what I bought to the table and the fact it weren’t enough I’m happy to eat alone usually (I’ve been through every stage going and at the moment I’m in that Independant single mum phase) BUT since last night I’ve really struggled. It’s like I’ve hit a brick wall of emotion and even doing the school run this morning ment sitting in traffic for too long which ment thinking about things and not being distracted which resulted in me crying in a traffic jam (I think people just assumed I hate traffic). He’s git a new girlfriend and I’m fine with that she seems nice enough and the kids seem to like her which out of this whole shitty situation that could be worse but I think its because tomorow is ment to be our 5th wedding anniversary and I keep getting those stupid memory posts on social media of the lead up all week and tomorow I’m going to be bombarded not only with those memories but just the memory that “this time 5 years ago I was….” all day, as I got them every anniversary but I loved it but now it’s all in vain and like last year he took me away and this year I’ll be sat at home making flat pack furniture and putting up my tree trying to avoid the ‘just married’ baubles that used to go up. Anyway sorry for the pityful post… Could of been worse you could of witnessed me in that traffic earlier x

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    Stay strong and keep going if that helps!

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    Hi there.  I’d recommend  swerving social media tomorrow.  Concentrate on the flat pack, If the baubles are going to bring memories back, maybe leave them till the day after if you can.  It was supposed to be my 8th anniversary this year and somehow I managed to treat it like just another day.  That was the past, you can’t change it. Accept it for what it was and look to the future. It wasn’t a pitiful post, you were just telling us how you felt and that can only be a good thing I think.


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    Hi I’m in the exact same boat… my husband left me and my 2 girls 4 months ago and I’ve been doing SO fine but this past few days I cant stop thinking and what is it with the traffic crying??? I’ve been doing it too (poor drivers at traffic lights)! My ex hasn’t met someone yet but I know one day in have to face that and that’s what keeps setting me off… maybe its this time of year? I literally feel.like I need an off button just to stop thinking. Or a fadt forward? Through xmas and into a new year?

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    Sorry I didnt mean to jump on your post – your not pitiful at all and what’s happening to you is all part of this process and journey hey? We will all be ok one day not far from this one xxx

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    Aw glad I’m not the only one who cry’s in the car I swear I think sometimes other drivers must think im nuts driving and crying to myself.  I totally understand I was the same when it was our wedding anniversary I was invited to his brothers 30th the night before but made a excuse didn’t want to be around him at the stroke of midnight.  Imagine that happy anniversary.  Went out with my brother instead and avoided social media all day.  Don’t be hard on yourself it’s a form of grieve we are all going through even if the relation ship wasn’t good it’s that thought well it might have been or it could have been.  It’s all a process I try when my mind wanders listening to happy music really loud to drown my thoughts out.  If you ever want to chat msg me sometimes it feels better just to let it all out.

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    Stay strong and overcome from this. It will give you nothing!

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    Hey there,

    Crying sometimes is the best.

    I completely understand and myself cried on traffic jam too.

    I’ll try to start my day with a great and positive energy and I’ll listen to my favourite music.

    I’ll make my day with music and strong cappuccino. It helps me a lot but not always!

    We are on same boat and the key is being strong!

    It is hard and difficult but there’s no way.

    I thought sometimes no one’s understand me and no one’s there for me!

    But I still have my faith, the better days are coming.

    Be happy and enjoy your time even without any fake people.



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    I can relate to all of the above. Some days are fine and, dare I say, even good? But then the very next day it all comes crashing down and nothing seems to help. I’ve not cried in traffic, not yet, survive cried on the motorway – long journeys when I can be inside my own head are hard for me.

    Someone here has mentioned grief and they’re spot on – all the stages, denial, bargaining, anger and finally acceptance (pretty sure I’ve skipped a couple too), just have to be gotten through. It’s not linear either. I flit from Anger to acceptance to bargaining and then back to anger again.

    Just keep going, it’ll end eventually.

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    Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your support!

    I managed to get through what would of been the anniversary… I started the day off on a bad with the kids seeming to totally understand that mummy didn’t feel great that day so refusing to do a single thing I asked, bickered with each other and even through tantrums I think they had solely kept just for that day 😲.

    Then in the car on the way from dropping them to school and nursery I was trying so hard to keep it together in the playground I knew I had taken my eldest to school, I knew I had dropped him off but for some reason in my head anxiety kicked in and I know it sounds ridiculous but I went blank and in my head couldn’t remember watching him go into class so ended up phoning the school and sounding totally ridiculous when I tried to ask “I know I took my child to school but did I actually?”.

    After all this the traffic came and so did the tears only this time I wasn’t prepared with tissues OH NO so I had to improvise by wiping away my tears with a pair of my sons clean spiderman pants I found in my back pack!

    after this I realised… I’m gunna have many anniversary that would of been BUT I’m also gunna have many new experiences too… Exciting, scary but new things to look forward too AND it could of been worse they could of been dirty pants, and after that I was OK 😊 xxxxx

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