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    Basicly my partner and I had been together 20 years. I lived in a council house originally and he lived with his parents. When we got together I moved into a rental property with his privatly. We bought our house 12 years ago and is now paid for due to the fact his dad gave us a massive deposit. Because of this he won’t give me the house. he says he owes his mom the deposit money back and out of a £22ok house he’s giving me £60k. He knows I can’t afford a solicitor as we are still living in the same house. I’ve found a house but I can’t afford a 3 bed so i’ve had to get a 2 and my son (whos 21) will sleep in the reception room until I can figure something out. Hes on very low income and couldn’t move out. I feel like i’ve been right royal screwed over after 20 years and was actually getting married. Im so glad i haven’t now as this says it all!!!. Im trying to get my name off the deeds and its near on impossible as he won’t get a solicitor. Him and mommy are in cohoots together so if I try and talk to her I get laughed at. Its so awful!

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