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    ive posted before about my ex’s coke addiction. But, some things have recently come to light. He has been lying to me for months, about more or less everything. When he left me last year, 28th August, our baby girl was 7weeks old. Im January of this year he came back into our lifes, i was a shoulder to cry on, and thought he wanted to change. We never spoke about getting back together. But he told me he haf finished with the girl, that he had gotten with a week after leaving me. That she was pregnant. Admited to the coke addiction, and that she took it too, whilst pregnant. He told me no more drugs, he told me loads of stuff, about her, and about how she basically stopped him from seeing the kids. She got a termination at 23weeks. He also thought the baby wasnt his. I also lent him money, like a mug. He made me think, he was willing to change, and be a better man. I was stupidly sleeping with him aswell. Then i found out, last week, at his aunties memorial, that he couldnt be bothered to go to, that he has been on and off with her this whole time. I asked him so many times, and he said no. I feel so stupid… i was giving him time, to get himself better. Thinking he could be a better dad aswell. Coz he hardly made any effort with them either. I then find out they are celebrating their one year anniversary. Yesterday. 4th july. Our baby was born on the 12th. He left im August. I feel sick, i feel stupid. I feel ashamed. All the lies aswell. Theres so much more than what i have put here, other wise i would be here forever. He just doesnt care..all i wanted was the truth, for him to be honest. I can handle it. All because i let him come round and see the kids. And i got sucked into his life… years and years of other stuff aswell. 13half years. Its hard to come to terms with it all


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    Yes, it’s a real mind f&@# dealing with a partner like this. Had lots of situations with my soon to be ex, and not once has he ever admitted fault (even with evidence) he somehow turns it around on you and gets you doubting yourself. He’s gradually got worse over the last year and is now emotionally abusing me. I’m getting out but it’s gonna take time to sell the house and set up elsewhere.

    don’t blame yourself. Learn from the experience and come out stronger for it. X

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