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    I’ve been suffering low level harassment from my neighbour since the day I moved in five years ago.  It started in a major way with a letter accusing me of being a benefit cheat because I parked my benefit car outside my house and he wanted to park outside my house. Since then they’ve phoned social services, council tax (I had a partner stay over one weekend so he said I was no longer single and shouldn’t get the discount) environmental health, council waste department, rspca, my landlord and probably more.  Not that this matters but I’m not on benefit I work a full time job as a very well paid manager, but to get there I’ve had to put the hours in and make sacrifices and it’s been hard work having been in my own with my son. I’ve had to listen to them abuse my mum, try and start arguments with me and now as my son approaches manhood I worry he will be the next target.  Every thing on its own hasn’t been that major except for the first letter over which I did phone the police and the help I got there wasn’t great.  So I haven’t reported each incident so the police won’t take it up as there isn’t a pattern.

    anyone else been in a similar position? I just want to know I’m not the only one

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    sounds like they have nothing better to do. do they block your driveway? not sure what rules are in your area, but when people blocked our driveway, I would ring council, and they issue a ticket or tow car away if you ask 🙂 if their knocking on your door or giving verbal abuse when you leave the house, then keep reporting to police on non-urgent 101 number or online. if you build up a pattern of abuse, then hopefully police take it seriously. if they are capable of vandalising your car/home then good idea to get a cctv camera outside.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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