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    Hi newbie here.

    Back story I am a single Mum to a just turned 2 yr old boy. My relationship with his Dad broke down during pregnancy and he did a lot of wrong by me. Didn’t go near his son until I left when he was a couple of months old. And finally had to get police involved when he was around 8 months old as he was making my life very difficult.

    Since then we are amicable however he is very hit and miss in our sons life. Says he wants to have him overnight once a week but that seems to work for a month or so then he misses a week then another then the bonds that have been build are damaged as he is young and a couple of weeks is a long time to him.

    We lost 2 babies before he came along, one half way through a pregnancy which makes it even harder to understand how he’s so casual about picking and choosing when he sees him and not seeing it as a big deal.

    I am a very emotional person about anything that’s important to me and I’ve spent most of the day crying today as he let us down at last minute for the 2nd week running.

    My son understands when Mummy is upset now and I don’t want to keep getting like this around him. How do you stay strong?!

    I am near to Norwich area if anyone is local. I don’t think I make enough effort to get out and keep us busy which doesn’t help.

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    Ruby – moderator

    Hi Megan, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time. Although I imagine some of the other parents on this forum will have experiences to share and advice to offer, I wanted to let you know that we have a single parent friendship group in Norwich. If you’re interested you can check it out here – https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/community/single-parent-groups/groups/



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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